Just a little rant. Please do not respond. I am using this to get rid of thoughts of anger.
Just once I’d like someone to give me a hug and say Roy how are you?
Rather than Roy would you do this or that? No one is really interested in me rather they are only interested in what they can get or what can be done for them.
Perhaps its repayment for previous wrongs carried out by me. Reaping the effects of previous negative causes I created.
There is no one alive that just cares for me. Only those that are dead. Even my bloody dad tells me I’m a bastard. So its hardly surprising that no one else should think any different.
Having become a wee bit of a hermit rarely going out or mixing. This year shall be one where I just lock myself away from all.


The vet phoned earlier and gave good and bad news.
The good news is Katie’s liver has improved to such an extent that she no longer needs medicated for that. Great news.
The bad news is her kidneys appear to be worse. I have to get a urine sample from her so it can be sent away to get checked. The vet reckons her urine is to clear. Its as if anything she drinks is going straight through and is having little effect on her body. The good part being it can possibly be alleviated by diet. I hope so anyway.
Poor lamb is not having a good time at all. Hence me being awake at 3.50 in the morning after cleaning the carpet after she had a mishap.

Katie dog

Today Katie had to go to the vet. She was having her meds checked. Then we realised she’s lost more weight, that’s 8kilo this year.
Since having a diagnosis of liver and kidneys starting to fail. Her weight has just dropped and dropped. The vet reckons its age related. I’m not sure.
Her back legs have started to be much wider spread as well. Plus she has become incontinent in the house.
I’m convinced its due to the lack of exercise. The vet having told me to stop walking her.

I’d be very interested to hear your views.


We do things, we’d rather not
Because they’re the right thing to do
No matter how sad they make us
Or how much we hate ourselves
For causing the pain
For hurting others
All we can do is
Do what’s right
Let the other person succeed

Knowing you’ll miss things
And you’ll never stop
Your mind going over
The past
But its wrong so the
Right thing wins

Life drawing

Today I attended my first ever life drawing class. It was also my first attempt at drawing the human body. It was a bit strange to start with. Standing drawing is not my normal then there was a nude model and that was strange. Another shock was only having 20-30 minutes per pose. I never work that quickly but it was a learning experience and a positive one.
Having said that I did enjoy it and by the time I’d done my third drawing you could see the improvement from the first. I can’t wait till next time not that I know when that’ll be yet.