Leaving for school that Friday in June 1968 life was good, he had his ninth birthday a few weeks back and was feeling like a big boy now not long till high school. It had been a good year, Roy had gotten a new brother and sister last year. It was however a school day and he still had to deal with the bullies and get home before the weekend could become better. School had been a normal day and like all wee boys he was enjoying the sunny day but running up the road whistling as always, The bullies had not got to him today a great start to the weekend.

Getting to the bottom of the cul-de-sac something felt wrong, it was to quite. There was an ambulance at the top so near Roy’s house. He started to worry more why was it there? He sprinted up to the house and couldn’t get inside even Bruce his boxer was in the garden. He was taken round the end of the block into the back garden with Roy to play.

Playing didn’t sound like a great idea though, he wanted to know what was happening inside. He stood at the back door waiting for someone coming to tell him.

The back door opened what seemed like days later but was probably nearer 15 minutes. It wasn’t mum it was Auntie Mary. Roy started crying where was his mum?

That’s when it started. The 4 kids would be split up till mum got home. Paul was going to Auntie Mary’s, Ian and Lorna (the twins) were going with Auntie Chrissie and Roy would be left here with his mum’s boyfriend.

Everyone told him it would be all right and Mum would be back before he went back to school on Monday. They expected him to be out playing as if it was any other weekend. The worry bothered him lots and he spent a lot of that weekend sitting on the door step wondering what was wrong.

Some of the the time he went and saw the twins and Paul but not for long because it wasn’t right they should be in they’re house not separate like this.

Then Monday arrived, Roy went to school not thinking about the bullies just praying that when he got home Mum would be back.

The weekend had been miserable without her but it would be over soon. He couldn’t even remember what he’d done with the weekend. Didn’t want to chat with anyone at school just wanted to get home.

The day dragged so much and never seemed to be ending. Eventually the bell rang and it was time to go home. He bolted for the door not because of the bullies for once Roy just wanted home.

It was a typical day in Fife overcast and miserable like the mood this poor laddie was in. He run so fast up the road desperate to be home and cuddle his mum, tell her he’d missed her.

Getting to the base of the cul-de-sac there was no ambulance, he had expected one, but there were way to many cars. Running even faster now so out of breathe. He got to the door and ran inside but Mum wasn’t there.

Everyone was crying, he was told to sit down and listen.


There would be no more cuddles.

Not only that but there were people he didn’t know sat there chatting about the four of them. Where were they going to live? Who would be taking who?

Why couldn’t they just live here? Where was mum’s boyfriend going?

It was oh so confusing and he couldn’t think. The tears wouldn’t stop and these outsiders where saying he’d have to move to England. The twins would be somewhere else and Paul would be with Roy.

Would anything ever be normal again?



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