Freak or poison into medicine.

Freak is something I’ve been called often. As well as bastard, fat git etc etc.
For a very long time I believed them all. I believed that I was worthless and that no one would ever love the real me.
So I spent many years hiding the real me. Not letting anyone see because if they did, I believed they’d see that freak and leave.
I believed that was why my twin brother and sister had been taken elsewhere when my mum died back in the 60’s.
I even had a social worker, in the 70’s tell me I was not a suitable person to be in contact with them. Seemingly I was an undesirable one more person saying I was a bastard.
I am now in contact with both of them and not that I’m saying I’m a nice man but I’m not a freak or a bastard.
There days I try to turn all that poison, that was said and done to me, into medicine.
I use my past life horrors to help others. To try and stop them from going through anything like I did.

So please remember that if you had horrors in your past, you can use all that horror to help others and change poison into medicine.


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