Abuse by our political leaders

This might be a bit of a rant but here goes anyway.
We live in a country where child abusers and sex offenders get community service orders, murderers get minimal sentences, generally we have a judicial system that’s in tatters.
We employ companies like ATOS to destroy the lives of our sick and disabled.
We are a country that can’t supply our soldiers with sufficient equipment to ensure their safety fighting wars for other people.
We give relocation help to child abusers and other dodgy people.
I thought we couldn’t get any lower then I hear the news today. A young lass A few weeks before sle is due to sit her A-levels is to be deported.
Yashika Bageerathi a young lass due to sit these important exams and she says fleeing an abusive relative is to be sent back to her country of origin. To where this abusive relative is waiting for her.
Seriously has the UK government lost all empathy and sight of what’s right & wrong.
I’m writing to my MP voicing my objection to politicians carrying out this deportation in our names. I believe we should all voice our objection.
Even if its just until the lass has sat her exams.
Even British airways have refused to carry her on their transport to take her back to that abusive relative.


One thought on “Abuse by our political leaders

  1. Here here, I totally agree. We are ruled by corrupt, evil people, narcissists, psychopaths with no conscience. Roll on May 2015. Having said that I truly do believe whichever of the 3 main parties win the general election I believe nothing will change for the better. I have always voted Labour but not this time, not many people realise that they are also ruled by the Bilderbergs, Ed Balls was on the guest list at the 2013 meeting, bloody traitors. All work for the Illuminati, big corporations rule the world, not polititians and governments.

    Good luck to Scotland! VOTE YES FOR DEVOLUTION!


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