The start of The Hub ( re-written)

The Hub

From a distance you could see what looked like a stone circle with a tall hedge on top of it. Once you got close enough to see differently. It was a dozen Scots Pine trees in a perfect circle. Once you realised this it looked even stranger than this.

There are no lower branches which is normal, then things got strange. Pine trees normally grow sparse of limb with almost all the branches in the very top of the trunk. Within this circle all the trees were linked forming a dense canopy. If you were lucky enough to be in the canopy you would find the lowest branches formed a floor like structure, a solid green mass round the entire circumference of the circle. The strangeness continued with the needles on the floor being soft enough to walk on in bare feet with no pain or sensation other than a peaceful joy filled heart.

Then if you walked around the walkway created by that floor. You’d find a room on every trunk, well not really rooms more like houses. Within each of these there were four hammocks made from honeysuckle with the flowers concentrated at one end. Forming a circle with the flowers around and the centre clear of anything other than a sort of silver grey moss creating the softest natural surface you are ever likely to find.

Then there were several chairs created from strong pine stems, making a woven surface, that is other than where you would sit, there you’d find more silver grey moss as thick as a summer duvet as opposed to the two winter duvet worth on the hammocks.

These house like structures were all on the inside of the circle but the outside was just as weird.

Here there was another room per trunk but these were rooms just big enough to take two people at most. There was a gap in the canopy in these rooms creating a window over the mountains surrounding the Hub. Facing each window was a single chair of similar construction to those in the inside rooms.

The craziest thing was all the rooms had a bright green glow that created a light to settle the angriest of souls. This glow appeared to come from the trees themselves. Anyone lucky enough to find themselves amongst this glowing light always felt brighter, more alert but mostly more alive.

This whole community felt strange but strange in a good way. The strangeness was a cleansing reaching deep into your very soul.

Who had created this amazing living space and who lived here?

If any of the locals had been inside the hub they might have asked themselves these questions. The answer would have stunned them all. No one built the hub!

Before there were people on the earth in the centre of the hub there had been a circle of pine tree seedlings. They were set in an area the size of a small garden pond. This was the beginning of the Hub.

As the trees grew it was almost like they were walking, moving very slowly, to make the hub bigger to accommodate the larger pine trees. However the only thing in the area long lived enough to notice the movement were the rocks the mountains were made from. If there had been time lapse photography around, you would need to set the time lapse at one frame each millennium.

This would also have shown the branches weaving themselves together. Forming a full circle, all of the rooms and the furniture. Since the process was so slow no one ever noticed how weird this circle was becoming.

At times some people said, from a distance, they could see a green circle high on the mountains but up close they saw nothing. Because the glow was filtered by the pine needles. From a distance you could see it as you would a spot light in the night sky. Now and then people would go looking to see what the glow was and most of them returned saying “it must a trick of light from a distance”. However some of them never returned. They would set of to look for the glow and the last time anyone saw them was when they walked into the hills. Well of the people who were living when they disappeared.

However at around the same time, in a village or town on the other side of the mountain, There would be a stranger walk out of the mountains. They would be using the name of someone who went missing over a century ago. It would appear as if they were that person. If you had a photo of the missing person you not only be convinced it was the same person but that they were still the same age. They hadn’t aged a day in over 100 years.

Over the years there had been accusations of witchcraft, abduction by aliens and even of death & re-birth.

None of these were true however.

What was happening to them? Where did they go for over a century?

Was it relevant that on they’re return everyone of them became a warrior to save our natural world?

The truth about what was happening was stranger than any of the theories running around.

The first man who entered the hub was taken back to the beginning of time. Not in person but in thoughts. For the century or so they were missing these people were given a history lesson on the natural world. Shown how man has destroyed the most precious thing we all rely on, man is destroying the natural world for greed. These lucky few were shown how in millennia past people lived alongside the natural world and rather than destroying they aided the flora and fauna around them. Knowing this meant continued food and shelter for their future.

How were they transported in their thoughts?

During that time what happened to their bodies?



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