The Death Of A Population On A Tiny Blue Dot

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Scottish referendum . I wish I lived in Scotland so I had the opportunity to escape the Westminster Murderer’s. The state of our society in the UK today and the way this evil elitist government treats it’s vulnerable and poor citizens, including children is now way past barbaric.

So many folks who believe all that the main stream media say are completely unaware that around 15,000 sick and disabled people have now died unnecessarily due to the French ICT company Atos being employed by our government, to run the work capability assessment tests. Seriously ill and dying people losing all their benefits, their homes and their lives. Decent honest people starving to death also. It’s more like 1814 not 2014. Don’t get me started on the bedroom tax for goodness sake! I can feel my blood pressure and heart rate rising just thinking about all the innocent people of all…

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