Wake in tears

Body shaking bad

Sweating so much

Fear fills you


Tears blur your vision

Images flash through your mind

The past is here

Fear fills you


Its not real

But its here

Fight it

Fear fills you


Where am I

Not in the past

In my head

Fear fills me


Snoring dog, wrong

Where am I


Fear fills me


Got to move

Stop the tears

Let the shakes pass

Fear fills me


Up and at it

Fight that fear

Let the dog help

She wakes, drops her

Wet nose on you leg

Fear is passing


Move put the kettle on

Nice hot chocolate and whiskey

Sit calmer now

Katie dog jumps up beside you

Resting her head on my chest

Paw knocking my hand

Eyes searching mine

Saying Dad are you OK

Fear is leaving

The past is back in

That ROOM locked away

Fear has gone

Time to try relaxing

Get back to sleep

Sometime but hey

Fear is gone


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