Reactive writer

Lately I’ve been asking myself why I write? Some might think that a strange question to ask yourself. Here’s why I did.

First of I love writing. There are days when I can’t stop and could write all day long. Them there are days when I don’t write at all. This was confusing me. Hence the question.

Then I realised that I’m a reactive writer. What I mean is, I write when my head gets into a bad place or when I see something that gets my mind going good or bad, I write when I’m in a pleasant place as I did today.
I don’t write when these emotions are missing.
I need to be feeling emotional, in a positive or negative way, to get the writing juices flowing.
My best friend has told me on numerous occasions that I need to finish my stories. I start of with the bit between my teeth and can write quite a bit then the emotion slows or changes and I move onto another story.

Now I’ve realised this I must do something about it and finish what I’ve started!
So this is my new goal to finish what I start writing as well as writing what fuels my emotions.


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