Accepting Praise

When you’ve had the kind of life I’ve had, this is a very difficult thing to do. You spend your life with a voice in your head telling you how bad/worthless you are. Trying to change that is a very difficult thing to achieve.

Even on here, when someone says something nice about my work I think ” They’re just being nice”.

If your dealing with someone who was abused in their past, in any way. Be patient, remember they will still feel without worth. I still do over 40 years later. 

My best friend continually tells me that I’m a nice man and that I have achieved so much. That voice is still there saying “Your stupid, unlovable, why would anyone say these things when your worthless”. Thankfully that special friend has stuck by me and continues to tell me how wrong I am thinking these things. I say a huge thank you to her for being the best friend anyone could have.


2 thoughts on “Accepting Praise

  1. Do you remember that song “Don’t go changing, to try to please me, you’ve never let me down before, I love YOU just the way you are”

    One of these days, after all these years you WILL believe me your best friend. I wouldn’t change you for all the money in the world, not a single thing. Oh hang on, yes I would change one thing actually, the crazy t shirts you wear ha ha!


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