I miss you so much mum

It would have been your birthday

On April 1st

I can’t help but wonder

If you’d still been here

Would I have been the man I am

Would I be this angry

Or angrier

Now I cry at night alone

Wishing you were here to cuddle me

And say it’ll be all right

I know you suffered

I know it was so rough

Wish I’d been strong enough

To stop it back then

I would now


No one should go through what you did

The so called men who do

Those things of horror

Should be made to pay

I’d be the executioner

For free


I miss you everyday

Some worse than others

I think of you so much

Wondering what if?


Is that being childish?


You deserved better than you got

In your short life

I should have stopped it

But like I was always told

By that ****

I’m useless

I wish things had been different a

The 5 of us could have

Lived in peace

Lived with love

Lived with Joy

Alas that was not to be


I can’t understand

Why you were taken so young

Why we both went through so much

Why that dick is still living

Why I couldn’t have saved you


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