writing group

I joined a writing group a while back, not knowing what to expect at all.

The first week there I was terrified. Never having voiced any of my writing to anyone. I suppose it was good that I knew no one there, they didn’t know me and had no preconceived idea of who or what I was.

The one thing that surprised me was they seemed overly concerned with getting published. This was something I’d never considered.

Who would want to read what I wrote? 

However I kept going, they were nice folk at this group, very supportive and encouraging. This was a huge thing for me. As a man with little self believe this kept me going and started me enjoying what I was writing. I have been a reactive writer writing what emotional got to me. Through the group I was writing other stuff. They had writing exercises every week that made me think about my writing and start writing with no emotion, I mean without being angry or upset.

I even started writing poetry that had no relevance to my life, which prior to the group was all I wrote angry poems about my past life or my present anger at the world.

Now I can’t wait for the night we meet. I look for writing inspiration from all around not just angry emotional things.  They are talking about publishing something later in the year and I can’t wait. A huge change from a man who had never considered this before.

So I would advise anyone to find and join a local writing group. They did wonders for me and I hope they do for you as well,


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