Endangered Species

When we hear that term ‘Endangered Species’. We think about tigers, gorilla’s exotic animals and if your like me then perhaps you’ll think about a few endangered plants. However they will invariably come from far away countries and landscapes that most of us will never see. 

We can all dream of visiting these places but that’s all it will be is a dream.

Now a question for you. What do you know about your local landscape, flora and fauna?


If your truthful probably not a huge amount. I bet you spend very little time thinking about it never mind observing it in all its glory.

For me living in Scotland there are a few animals that are endangered that I’ve never seen in the wild. The ‘Scottish wildcat, the red squirrel’ The point being I probably know more about foreign wildlife etc. than I do about that in my own country. So what to do about it?


Perhaps rather than fantasizing about foreign trips that may or may not happen. We should all look at what’s on our doorstep. Walk in your local forest not once but regular. Go through the different seasons, different weather types. Look at our environment and see what beauty you can find.

Find a patch that may include a stream, a forest, woodland, even old industrial sites and you’ll be shocked at the variety of wildlife you’ll see. If there are things that you think should be there but aren’t ask yourself why? Talk to others see if they feel the same and try to do something about it.

Surely when we are trying to save Endangered Species we should start at home. How can we hope to tell those from other countries to save tigers and gorillas etc. if we aren’t doing the same here?




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