This came from the blog

About Jodie Llewellyn

I thought great question. So copied it here.

You should do a blog post asking everyone how they got into the writing that they do, how long ago, etc.

Which is a great question 🙂

So how did everyone’s writing journey begin?

I started writing as a teenager. Not fiction but about my life as an abused child.
No one ever got to read it, I wrote what I did and through it away. As I was ridiculed for writing and that meant I couldn’t be a man, I had to be gay.
In turn that stopped me sharing anything I’d written for many years and stopped any thought of ever wanting to be published.
I used my writing as a literal scream. My way of escaping abuse and calm the anger I felt inside.
After joining a writers group not so long ago I’m now planning to write part of my life story and try to get it published.

Can’t wait to hear your replies.


One thought on “Why did you start writing?

  1. The earliest memory I have of wanting to write is when I was 10. I used to ‘scribble’ a bit as a child, moved on to personal journals through my late teens and twenties, then completely stopped writing until I was 37. Now, if I don’t write something every day I go a bit ‘crazy’ 😉


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