I have none
My life
Has been
Nought but pain
Some inflicted on me
More I’ve inflicted
On others

Do I deserve
A future

So how do I go on?
I don’t know anymore
How do I rectify?
The pain I’ve caused
Don’t think I can

I should have
To suffer
For the life
I used to lead
The life
That I was to blame for


2 thoughts on “Destiny

  1. It’s really hard, sometimes unbearably so but PLEASE TRY. Maybe a little break from writing, it sounds like it’s all too much at the moment. Try and switch off from it and spend time doing things you enjoy that will help life your mood. I’m really struggling with life too but I cant just give up, I have others to think about. If I had my way I’d just leave this world right now but that is not an option when you have children. Stay strong hun. BTW could you fllw me pls? My new blog where I intend to go to get all the hurt from the narc of my chest, most of my posts will be set to private as im going to use it as a journal, that way my feelings wont upset anyone xxx


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