When there are demons in your past. Abuse from anyone.
This alters the way we deal with difficult situation.

Take myself. After the abuse I suffered as a kid means that now. If anyone says something I feel is negative about me.
The important thing is I FEEL or perhaps in my mind.
I rarely argue about it, or say anything. What I do is run, hide away from everyone and tell myself it proves what my abuser said ie I’m worthless.

No doubt anyone else would react in a different way.

Anyone who has been abused will have demons that are personal to them. Some may become addicted to various substances, some will throw up a huge wall and ignore the world when they feel wronged, some will perhaps not let someone they’re talking to finish. Then as they heard part of what was being said, they will go of on a rant perhaps losing a friend because of it.
Then others may have demons that prevent them from becoming involved in any relationships at all.
Some may become players using their past to excuse bad behaviour. My brother is an extreme example of this type of demon.

I suppose what I’m saying is
If you are friends with or know someone who was in an abusive relationship of any kind give them some leeway in difficult situations.
Don’t excuse that behaviour but think is it a demon from the past that’s causing their behaviour.

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