Cause and Effect

As I mentioned earlier our past effects the way we behave in our present.

What I didn’t mention is-

If like me your past leads to treat folk wrongly, which I did, then at some point that cause you made when treating others in a bad way will come back and bite your bum.

I have been a nasty man, not in recent years but before when I allowed my past to turn me into someone else. I was very fortunate in meeting a lovely lass who showed me the pain I had been causing. Thanks to her I no longer treat people in the same way.
Now I find myself in the position of being treated in a similar way, not the same but similar. It is the worst feeling in the world. Especially when you realise you could have stopped it. If I hadn’t treated others so badly then perhaps the same would never have happened to me.
So please folks remember that every cause, the way you treat others, has an effect. In years to come you might, like me, end up being treated the same or worse.

Be careful how you treat others.


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