Yesterday Sunday 15th June

Scotland Day 046

This is a picture of the discusion group I was part of at ‘picnic in the park’, there was 18 such groups great attendance. A buddhist meeting yesterday at glasgow botanic garden to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sensei’s visit to Scotland.

It was a great day and much fun was had by all.

Scotland Day 042

Me trying to look engrossed in the reading being done. When I was chanting away in my mind thinking of my best friend.

All told it was a great day but as you can see I was wearing my kilt. On the way home I was transporting some other members home to. One of them asked me to stop at a shop and get a paper. I did passed the paper to them in the back seat, shut that door and went to get into the drivers door and because of weight I have lost my kilt fell down exposing my rear end to anyone around. What a crazy end to a good day lol.


3 thoughts on “Yesterday Sunday 15th June

  1. That picture of you is beyond funny lol, oh Lord that doesn’t look like you. Who are all those people? Oh sorry but you and that kilt lol, remember that wedding when you fell asleep sat up with your legs open and like a true Scotsman……

    You are still you my lovely. Be strong darling. Love you loads. Su x


    1. Thanks my lovely YOU TO please stay strong and remember if you need me I am always here for you I know that sounds strange after recent events but still true xxxxx Love you so much gorgeous xxxxx


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