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Negative thoughts



We should all read this and think about the way we express ourselves. Is it done in a negative way? If so you could be harming yourself and making life worse.



Today has been so weird.
First I get up help someone clear their house take stuff to the tip. Then I took clothes for them to one of those cash for clothes shops. By the time we’d finished I was kinda tired but ok.

Then tonight when I need to go out for myself, go to my Buddhist groups meeting. Realising I can’t because my eyes were so blurry I was unsafe to drive. 

Typical or what. Everything great to help other folk but when its time for something for me. My health stops me.


I love all trees lol



How beautiful a tree that stands what seems like forever,

Some are more than three hundred feet high touching the sky.

Can you just Imagine the time these trees have spent watching clouds pass by,

They have been standing strong while lifetimes have come and gone.

The mighty Sequoia, their Is one that lives for thirty five hundred years,

Imagine this, born to the world as It began Its growth before the life of Jesus Christ.

This mighty tree still stands two thousand years after the death of quite a man,

It Is the mighty Sequoia, King of trees, will stand forever as long as the earth will be.

Keith Garrett

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Aikido: Learning from Nature


Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba O'Sensei waters flowers. Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba O’Sensei waters flowers.

Man is a naturally curious creature. We have stared up at the heavens and the stars for centuries. We have mapped the constellations and land masses and ocean floors. We have even mapped the moon. We are curious about why something happens and we want to know how it happens. Some of us spend lifetimes and careers observing, documenting, and graphing natural phenomena and the earth’s creatures who live in it with us.

I, personally, could just spend hours sitting perfectly still in a quiet, secluded forest watching its denizens go about their daily forest life. And those hours, for me, would be considered a well-spent investment for my peace of mind and personal well-being.

What keeps everything so interesting is how we observe these things and the questions we ask ourselves, which then lead us to further studies.

Observation is one of…

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Yes to independence


If your Scottish or your just living in Scotland come  September we all need to vote YES!

It’s not about political parties or ancient hatred. It’s about a better future for all living in Scotland.

So please don’t be apathetic about this vote.

Since devolution Scottish folk have been better of than those living in England. 
No bridge tolls
No prescription charges
Much less of an impact from the bedroom tax
Stronger growth of our infrastructure

These are some reasons and if you look at the gallery attached you’ll see many others.

Stand up for better living conditions and vote YES in September!