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I was thinking about being more positive found these and thought they might help others to.33333

When we make mistakes rather than focusing on how negative they make us feel just remember they also taught us something.3333



Last but not least, when others have hurt us forgive them because if you don’t then you’ll find peace harder to find.333333

be good and do good







In this life we all have problems and obstacles to overcome. What we need to remember is we have the strength to handle anything if WE CHOSE to.



When those obstacles involve others the best way to show your past the obstacle is to be happy. Show that your better than what ever the obstacle was.
So if your in that position right now be happy and enjoy your life and show the person that caused the obstacle your better of without them.
I’ve been in the position that I’ve caused problems for someone i loved so much and that was my fault and my problem no one else’s. 
I hope the person I caused problems for goes on to have a happy full life and sticks their middle finger up at me for causing the problems to start with.


This is something we should always remember when someone hurts us or causes us problems. Karma is all knowing and will come back and bite us on the bum. So if you cause others problems then those problems will come back to you a thousand fold.


Something I’ve realised recently is that shame and mental health go hand in hand. When you suffer from bad mental health. You always, in my experience, suffer from Shame. 

Shame that others will find out what state your mental health is in.

Shame that they will find out what caused your bad mental health. Especially if like me it was caused through abuse.

Shame that you can’t cope with life the way everyone else does.


Why should you feel like this? 
It’s because mental health is still taboo.
People still don’t like admitting it or accepting that friends or family members suffer from it. 
Even the government add to this. In the past they hid mental health units away in the wilds somewhere and now they have care in the community which has caused publicity around extreme cases. Normally involving violence. If like me part of your mental health issue revolves around violence. Then you see the looks folk give you when they discover this. making your shame even worse.


So please if someone you know has mental health issues. Don’t treat them differently, go see them, let them know that your friendship won’t be affected by their health.
Show them you do care and will still be around.
Please please never make them feel worse about their mental health.


Bestfriends & Soulmates


As we progress through life we meet people who change us for better or for the worse.

When we meet someone we think is the most special person ever. The love and friendship of that person is all that matters to us. Then time passes as it does, we start to take things for granted and we, don’t forget they’re that special, we just think they will always be there and that is great or we think it is.


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We then say or do things that that change things. They put so much stress on that friendship we get a little scared but still we think they will be there. We worry but do nothing about any of it. Not realising the stupidity of those actions.bf9 carefull

What we should always remember is no one will stay if they are hurt continually, no one will stay if they don’t know how we feel and what they mean to us.

good friends

Then it gets to the point when the memories sneak out of our eyes. They stay in our hearts and will always be there but all that will be there is those memories.

So please if that special person comes into your life. Grab on, hold tight, let them know how you feel and always respect them. When it gets to the point I’m at and all that is left is the memories sneaking out of my eyes. It’s to late!!

Nothing I do will change what I have done in the past and nothing will bring back that special person that soulmate that changed me for the better and improved my life massively. Now all I have are tears. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU!!!! memories