Mind of terror

When I was put in the mental health unit recently. I thought how dare they!!! Nothing wrong with me now.

I was so wrong. Now at night when sat on my own, being inside my mind is so terrifying. Makes me have dark thoughts.
To start with there are two folk I want to watch die. I want to see them laying there being eaten by our lovely wildlife. Then it would be time for me to leave as the world should not have to have such an evil man in it.

Its shocking to me that 2 men can have such a devastating effect on my life. One from decades ago and one from present day. They deserve to live even less than I do. They will meet the soul gatherer that is my inner being. Very soon.

It all started few weeks back when this copper couldn’t leave things be. Reminding me of who I used to be/am. Pushing and pushing. You can’t be a peace loving Buddhist. Your a thug always were always will be. Then he pushes to hard I snap and my fu****g mind is back in that dark space. Feeling worthless, useless and totally unworthy. Why can a holes do this to me?

Take care all.


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