Monthly Archives: September 2014



We all can

We all should

Others need to accept it

At times it is much needed

When we do

It can be because of

A friend showing us what’s right

A brush with the law

Simple maturing does it

Meeting your chosen faith to

When we have

Others should recognise it

Let us be the new person

Don’t forget the old one existed

But let the new improved you

Show the world that your



No more terrors

Life has more than just errors

No more doubts

I am more than just shouts

No more self pity

My character is not spittly

More self worth

I am not that rough

More care of me

I am not a big B

My past mat

Give me my character

It does not

Define who I am

My future is decided

By my actions now

Not the past behind me

I am Worthy

I do have a future