life and friends


There are times in life when someone comes into our lives and we think Woah here is someone who is so special. They make you think where have you been and why did I have to wait to have you in my life. You think they are magical and mean the world to you. 


They share your life for years perhaps. Making it much more bearable easier to cope with. they put up with bad stuff from you, you put up with bad stuff from them. 


You think they feel the same way and that want you in they’re life just for being you. Not wanting anything and having no other agenda. Giving you a self worth that you’d never had.


They start to convince you that your past no longer matters. It has done to everyone else and this lifts you further out of the misery you were in. Folk like this show you that you can be better, they show you your mistakes with kindness and concern. saying you really should not be doing this. You change all this negativity in your life and become a better person. They show you, you can be better than the scum you had always believed you were.


They never use your past against you. they comfort you when your struggling with that nastiness from way back when. 

Hopefully while is going on for you the same thing is going on for them. You hope you’ve found your best friend your soul-mate perhaps. You try your best to help them when they need it, talking the night away if it helps, listening to them when they’ve had a dram or two and not noticing any nastiness that arrives because of their past. They’ve accepted and supported you so you do the same.


Then for many different reasons things change. You no longer seem to share those special times. Feeling that something is coming between both of you. It may be someone else or perhaps either of you have a demon from your past that means you struggle to maintain friendships or push others away as a matter of course.

When this happens no matter the reason. We all try to hang on. To maintain that special thing that you both had shared. As these things go that does not always work so we sit and cry remembering those special shared years. Reminiscing about those times you shared. You think why? What did I do? 
Often the simple answer to this is neither did anything wrong. It was a miscommunication or perhaps just crossed wires but that bond has been lost.

Then you think well know what bugger them.


You end up angry bitter and perhaps twisted. Then its oh really your not talking to me really thanks. This does not mean you mean those angry words but its how you feel at that time and its all part of that healing process we all need to get through these periods. At this point its about self preservation.


Then you realise that to stop hurting and to get past this stage you need to forgive them for hurting you, in your eyes, and you need to prevent those tears from continuing. 

You do not forget them or the positive way they effected your life. never returning to your past bad ways. Always keeping a part of your heart, soul and mind for them. If your like me you always include them and they’re family in your prayers. However for your own sanity you need to move on and stop the pain.

This we all do in different ways but we NEED TO let our mind stop hurting ourselves and those around us. No doubt while you are going through all of this THEY ARE as well. So remember that and try to do what will make things easier for BOTH OF YOU and don’t be selfish.


Those special folk however will forever be special in our hearts!



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