Mind and Trouble


I’m always in bug trouble but never look as good as these two lol.


I so hope this is true. Right now i could do with a wee piece of things falling together.


Even when you know letting go is the right thing to do, it’s still so hard. Even if you have no real choice.


Then there are those who understand you that you will hear from again. Those are the ones that hurt the most, the ones who will always hold a special place in your heart.

All of these things and more are continually going through my mind just now. There is nothing I can do, without causing more grief, about the situation I find myself in. So I need to let my mind run crazy, let go of those who deserve it and chant that all will turn out good in the end.
That does not mean I want things returning to the way they were. It means I chant that they turn out for the best for all concerned!


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