24hrs in custody

This is the title of a documentary programme on 4seven. Being about child pornography and those being accussed of possesing and making it.

I tried to watch it. Really did.

However when a grown male, not a man definitely not a man,  is being questioned about viewing penetrative sex relating to a child younger than three year old.  Then talking about that as if he were discussing the weather. I had to switch of.

How can the police listen to these Numpties and not slap them?

When these b*****d’s are caught and openly admit these offences don’t give them low sentences, don’t say oh poor you, you suffered as a child. Lock them away for ever or even better hang them. Make sure they suffer as those poor children suffered.

I may have put to much thought into it but my sentence to them would be-

Wrap razor wire around their testicles, attach the other end to the back of a car, let the car be driven just fast enough so they can run and keep up with it and let them cut their own bits of. Then refuse them medical assistance and let them bleed to death.

Sorry but they get me so wild!
The only subject that could still get me locked up in the jail and I would put up with that to stop one poor kid from suffering at the hands of these ass holes.

They say I am not touching the kids.
No but you are facilitating them being touched by viewing this disgusting material.


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