This week

There are weeks in our life’s where we think will I ever get to be happy?

This week started great I had a mammogram on Tuesday and the results were clear. Meaning I did not have cancer. What a great start to any  week. I was smiling feeling so upbeat it was great.

However I got home from that appointment to find a card behind the door from the police asking to speak to me. No mention of what it concerned.
So I phoned them to discover it was an enquiry relating to an ancient abuse claim made by my younger brother.

Not against me I hasten to add.

So today at 9am they came to visit and questioned me till nearly 12 noon. I was bloody shattered.

Then I thought the police now have a link between me and a convicted pervert. They brought back lots of memories I’d rather have forgo ten and now its after 3 am and I can’t sleep with all this going round in my head.
To top it all the man the complaint is against has been dead for years. What purpose does that give the enquiry?

I know I should be more sympathetic. I just can’t can’t muster any sympathy for the pervert making the complaint especially since I think it is purely to absolve him of responsibility for his actions.

Now at the weekend I feel like crap because of my brother. Great life or what.


2 thoughts on “This week

  1. Don’t you just wish you could expunge these people from our lives completely? They seem to lurk in the background for years. My weekend is a bit of a downer too, thanks to an ex-husband who continues to manipulate and control my life 14 months after we separated. The justice system seems to be working in his favour, as he drags out the settlement proceedings unnecessarily just to keep me without a home and income for as long as he can – pure punishment. I feel your pain. Sending love and light.


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