Started when my age

Was still in signal figures

Then it carried on throughout my life

Now in my fifties

I realise that SOLITUDE

Is the over riding state of my life

I chose this lifestyle

Once I considered becoming

A buddhist monk

Even a hermit

Living in the mountains of Scotland

Then I realise

Solitude is a state of the heart

Nothing to do with

The number of folk

In my Life

It is my heart

Its been trained over the decades

To be the way it is

There is no blame belonging

To anyone else

Its down to me

I’ve chased folk away

Showed them a person

I’m not

A person I’ve learned to be

That in a perverse way

Is a lifestyle I enjoy

Other folk thinking bad of me

Makes me comfortable

Because they never have to see the real me

The me that cries in the dark

That cowers in the corner

Is so afraid of being close

To anyone

That I just have to get used to



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