Real friends will always be there when you want or need them to be 🙂

True friends are the only one who really know us. They know us inside out. They are the ONLY ONES who understand our past our present and our future!


4 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Thank you for that. I kinda needed it. I had a situation earlier this year where two of my oldest friends demonstrated they really weren’t friends at all. One I had known 40+ years. It felt like I was being sucked in by quicksand as it came at a terrible time for me anyway.
    If I had known years ago, what I know about them now, I think a lot might have been different for me.
    But during this year of crisis I really have found out who my true friends are. And they are beyond precious.


  2. Sometimes they cant be there for you “when you want them or need them” that doesnt mean they dont care, it may just mean they are too broken to be there for anyone lovely. There have been a few occasions when i have really needed a true friend, but no one ever came. You then stop searching for the support because when the worst thing that could ever happen do happen and not a soul comes to your door, again and again, then you truly know you are alone in this world x


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