Miss you


Miss you so much

Understand totally

We all need space for us

Remember no matter how long its been

I will always be here

Consider you my best friend

Always have you in my heart

Thoughts and prayers

Talking with you

Brings joy, peace and love

To my very soul

You understand how I think
I know how you think

We are soul mates
I will be here waiting when you need a friend

Love sent with these words

You are always my soul mate


1 thought on “Miss you

  1. Tyvm:) After the narcissist had finished destroying me, it was as if i was driving along and i came to a level crossing, the barriers came down to let the train pass but they never went back up. Something in me said “no more, go someplace quiet and alone to heal” It was as if every hurt & scar since childhood through to now burst wide open and it hurt like hell, and im still hurting and still healing, not from him because that is gone, my feelings for that old thing are dead and buried but once youve been involved with a narcissist you are never the same person again. I read somewhere that as soon as a narcissist tells you he loves you, it becomes his mission to destroy you, and thats what happened with J. It took him 10 years to say it and boom. I think im a brave person but its left me a shadow of the woman i am. Baby steps, thats all i can manage right now. I put on the bravado facade sometimes but thats all it is. The good thing is, i am trying, really hard. Its had such a devastating effect, i really want to get strong enough and confident enough to help others who are going through it. My eyes are slowly starting to see goodness and beauty again x


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