Anyone who has read my previous blog posts will know in my past I’ve done some dodgy things. Tonight however I was accused of being a racist. I mean come on a bloody racist.

I have done and admitted some dodgy things but never have I ever so thick to judge someone by the colour of their skin!!!!

Many years ago, 41 to be accurate, I was lucky enough to have a son, a son who is mixed race. I haven’t seen him in many many years. Now if Jeremy Kyle were to speak to me about that, he’d call me some lovely names probably. Not once would the race name come into it though.

My initial thought was bloody hell if my son is looking for me and comes across this he’ll never want to know me. I’d understand that feeling.

Why on earth to folk have to be so judgemental about others?

So tonight I’ve sat here feeling sorry for myself. Feeling angry and have been filled with tears.
All caused by an A******e who obviously doesn’t know me at all.

Why do we let others affect us like this? I’ll never know but I do know that sleep won’t come easy tonight.

Oh yeah and this was on top of being hassled by the police for trying to find an estranged family members address for someone.
Ain’t life bloody wonderful?


2 thoughts on “Tonight

  1. Well, you’re my best friend and have been for many years so I think I know you as well as anybody & I know for a fact you haven’t got a racist bone in your body nor a racist thought in your mind. I KNOW YOU HAVEN’T. Over the years I have watched you showing kindness & compassion to all people of all races, colours & creeds so whoever said that obviously doesn’t know the man I know. I did see it when I popped onto FB but I don’t hang about there or comment or like these days, I hope you don’t mind x


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