That is another AC/DC track and describes just how I feel.

It’s less than 6 days now till I have an exam. Realising that I have did very little work toward it. I’ve been spending to much helping those doing the exam below mine. Now I have to cram 6 months study into 6 days. I feel Thunderstruck.

So better get of this laptop and sleep so I can start serious study in the morning when I’m awake lol.


One thought on “THUNDERSTRUCK

  1. That’s you to a T, always helping others before you help yourself. An admirable quality but I bet you are stressing big time now. I do hope you’ll be ok, I’m sure you will. I know it’s easier said than done but please try and stay calm and get things into perspective. It is only an exam and there is no shame in having to re sit it. They will understand. Those that know you know you’re not well yourself a lot of the time, they know you’re a full time carer for S & I’m sure they will be supportive lovely. Take good care x

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