Car park

I’ve been sat in this car park for the best part of three hrs. I came prepared mind brought my book, got my phone, plenty music and my sketch pad.
I can only sit here and think though. Of that friendship lost, what happened, how did it all get so messed up?
Most folk will be thinking well do something about it!
To stubborn, to old and to certain of the response is the problem.
The scary thing being I don’t know what happened. I doubt my friend does but neither of us are prepared to do something.

It breaks my heart! I spend most of every day trying to work out a way to fix this but I’m so certain she doesn’t want it to be fixed I give up before I start.
Shows how little self believe I have and how much more she is worth.


3 thoughts on “Car park

  1. It would be pretty difficult to fix it if you don’t know what broke it. That may not come without a conversation with your friend. Unfortunately, that may never happen. I had a very close friend that abruptly left my life. One day she was my friend, next day she did not return calls or texts or emails and gave no explanation whatsoever though I certainly did ask many times what happened? Saw her about 5 years later, she still was cold and unwelcoming. I wondered a long long time what the heck happened and I guess I still do, but I know she will never tell me. I find it odd, hurtful and overall surprising given our once upon a time closeness. People are strange sometimes.


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