Comes in many forms

Almost all created by US

Our youthful actions

Come back to haunt us

Our lies,

That we all tell from time to time

Actions done to us by others

Drunken mistakes

Or just a nasty personality

We’d rather forget

No matter what

They will stay in our minds

For ever

We can regret our past

We can try to rectify things

By creating positive vibes

In our present

But we can never forget

Those shameful acts

Of our past

The hardest part

Of feeling shame

Is the knowledge

That it was our actions

That caused OUR shame

The hardest part

Is when others

Refuse to let us rectify our shameful acts

So before you do anything

Think it through

Imagine your future self

Will they be ashamed of your actions?

We all have shame maybe from

Misspent youths

Lies told, we all do it

Others we’ve hurt

Or mistakes in life that

We wish could be taken back

However SHAME

Will stay in our minds



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