Mental health

Anyone who suffers from suicidal thoughts. Will tell you its a constant struggle not to do it.
Everyday I go through the same fight. Why should I not do it today?
I DOUBT folk will understand that every day struggle not to kill to myself. Its weird putting it in print like this. However that’s what I go through daily.

Thankfully I haven’t given in yet but there are days like today when its so bloody hard not to give in and end it all.


1 thought on “Mental health

  1. I understand your struggle… I have struggled many times through the years with those same thoughts … just last week I was at a point where I wished I had been strong enough years ago to end my life so that I didn’t have to continue being hurt.

    Then my friends helped me have a really wonderful day and I was okay for a moment… and glad that I was alive to enjoy the moment. Over the years I have so many hard times and have wished so many times to end my life but also I have had so many wonderful moments that I am so glad I was here to be a part of. It’s those wonderful moments that keep me here.

    I hope that you can find some joy in life to keep you here as well.. no matter the size of the moment… I hope you find some peace and happiness to help you make it through.



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