Monthly Archives: February 2015


Yesterday I visited a friend in hospital who has terminal cancer. We sat outside enjoying the sunshine.
I noticed folk sitting near us winging. It was to hot or to windy. When I left I wrote this.

We moan, we winge
Its to hot or to cold
I’m to fat or to thin
But we are

The kids are unruly
To noisy, to untidy
Drive me crazy
But your still here

Work is crap
No one listens
They expect to much
For to little pay
But you can still

Your other half
Never listens
Tells you what to do
Moans your not
Doing it quick enough
But you still

Don’t moan, don’t winge
Enjoy life
Enjoy love
And be happy


My mental health has been an issue recently.


You can see the messed up eye, lack of sleep and to much nonsense going on in my head.
When the past come back to haunt our minds. When our mental health causes the past to haunt us. Its the worst kind of mind f**k.
When that part happens to include abuse of us as children and your trying to deal with it. Then scary things happen.
That’s why I’ve not been around for some time. Sorry to anyone who’s been looking.
Not sure how long it’ll take to get back to normal but I will be back soon I hope.