Monthly Archives: April 2015

Craft group

Today I went to my craft group.  What a setting to have it held. Near the Wallace monument and with a great view over to Stirling castle.


Absolutely stunning view so relaxing to.

Here is a pic of the polymer clay pendant I made for my grand daughter.


What do you think? She loves steampunk. Just hope she likes it.

The night

In the depth of the night
Our loneliness is right
Our suffering complete
Right down to our feet
No sleep for the un-worthy
Like me

Our demons they thrive
In our own little hive
Bringing terror to some
Who always miss their mum
No comfort for us the un-loved

Will we continue life’s fight
Or just wallow in spite
only time will tell
If we can break that spell
Once again to become

To no one
But ourselves


I visited my sister today on the way through glendevon then part Gleneagles I was driven insane by drivers idling along at less than 20 miles an hour. How do these folk get there driving licence?
Then after arriving at Cathy’s house the serenity and peaceful nature of the landscape chilled me out in minutes. Here are a few pics I took hope they have a calming effect on anyone that sees them.





London marathon

Today I sat and watched parts of this awesome event.

It got me thinking. We saw so many folk running supporting charities for so many different causes. Can there be any other day in the year when so many give so much of themselves for others.

Normally news media is filled with stories of war, death and misery. Surely there must be stories of giving, humanity or inspiration, like we have today that they could print.

Why don’t they?

Because most folk thrive on negativity. Surely the media could lift the spirit of the entire world. Perhaps even encourage a more giving society by sharing these stories.

I know its a mad thought that’ll never happen because the world is full of to much apathy.

Try and do something positive to help someone!


Once you’ve share your life with an abusive person. It sets your mind to keep folk at arms length.
The theory being if they don’t get close they can’t hurt you.
Then you realise that your missing out on so much. You don’t know the feeling of friendship or love from anyone. You always believe what that abusive person said, your worthless or why would anyone want to know you?
Then you retreat further into yourself.
Never realising that the person your hurting most is no one but yourself!
So if you find someone who genuinely cares for you. Those words showing they care never stay in your mind because you don’t believe them. Not that you think the other person is lying you just think they’re being nice or polite.

So please be careful folks and try keeping an open mind or you might lose someone really special.


Rush rush rush
Never catch a bus
Speed limits, well
They’re for everyone else
Don’t look to the side
Your goals straight ahead
Push things to the limit
What surrounds you,
Don’t matter
Till you push to hard
The car slips
Your heart
Misses a tick
What now?
To late, don’t wait
Enjoy life now
While you can