Lost Friends

Seeing your psychologist should be a growing or healing experience. Today for me was eye opening.
I realised that I not only cause others pain but also the main cause of my own pain.
Realising that you caused pain for others is quite traumatic. Prior to this realisation anytime things got difficult with someone I’d run away as I’ve done with so many things in life.
Once you stop running, like I did, it then shows you how much that pain hurts others. That opens your eyes to all the suffering you’ve caused.
Why then would I continue to be the cause of more pain for the person who showed of that?
I won’t say my answer as this is not about me for a change.
I have now lost the friendship of that person and that is my loss. I however can blame no one than myself.
So if, like me, you cause pain for others. Be very careful because one day it’ll be to late to go back and change anything and that’ll be the fault of the person causing the pain. No one else’s.
So be careful and take all the love you can without creating pain for the other person. Hold on to them. Cherish them and always make sure they know how you feel.


One thought on “Lost Friends

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    I think we grow in life and life is always painful. Thanks for the honest post and I hope you have a great weekend. Try to relax and appreciate the air, it helps sometimes. đŸ™‚ -OM
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