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Hiroshima day

The sixth of august is Horishimo day. That is the day the Americans dropped a nuclear bomb on Horishimo.
I hope that when folk remember this, especially on this the anniversary. Rather than being filled with negative emotion from the past. We should use the day to remind our politicians, we never want a repeat of that devastating day.
We want kids not bombs!
We want a world free from nuclear weapons.
We want a positive long future.
Where war is a thing of the past.


I am always amazed by the natural world.

Last week in London I saw a small flock of bright green parakeets flying wild. At various times I saw a single one but up to nine at the same time. When it was one I thought maybe an escaped pet but nine escaped pets surely not.

However they got there its amazing that they survived and appear to be flourishing.

Do you think in the future there could be larger flocks and a larger population?

I hope so. Seeing them always made me smile and that’s a good thing.
I just wish I was quicker with a camera I could have shown how gorgeous they are. Unfortunately I’m not that quick or talented.

Ain’t nature wonderful.

Today at the beach (lol)


I love stones etc and often collect them when I’m out and about. There where from the beach at Kirkaldy today.






As you can see I’m stranger than you thought.


This angered me so much. If you look close that a thermos in there. Why would you leave it there?




As you can see I spent some time here lol. Waiting for hours on the dealer sorting my car. I loved it really but ended up in such pain so sad.


Today I watched a documentary about the fight to save the rainforest in the amazon basin.
The presenter was Ross Kemp. It was informative but it got me thinking.
The essence of the programme was that they need to do more to prevent de-forestation. The Brazilians that is.
I do agree however. I life in Scotland and its not that long ago that most of Scotland was covered in pine/birch woodland. These days we have very little left. There is plenty commercial forest but very little natural woodland.
So I ask the question, what right do we have to lecture the Brazilians about saving the Amazonian rainforest when we can’t preserve our own?
Surely as I mentioned the other day. We should start all conservation in our locality. We should first look at what we can do in our own country before we lecture anyone else!

Tree Hugger

Am I One

I care for our environment

The flora and fauna

Of our sweet earth


Mother nature is fighting

She is saying stop

Destroying our natural world

Without it we will die

Trees make the air

Fit to breathe

They feed us even carnivores

Would not survive

without trees

The prey the eat

Eats those trees


So Yeah I am

A Tree Hugger

We all should be

Before its to late

Our planet will die

If we don’t change