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Life’s ups and downs

For months now things in my life have been in a state of flux.

In the last few months I’ve attended eight funerals and they’ve not stopped coming yet. On the twenty fourth I’ll attend the ninth. My cousins man has just died. They’ve been making me feel very old. What is it they say about attending more funerals.

However I’ve also attended two weddings in the last week. My youngest daughter was married last weekend and yesterday was my nephew’s big day. Both of these were great days full of love and joy. There is also my sisters wedding to look forward to later in the year.

The final big thing that’s happened is the news I’ve to become a great grandad. My response was I’ve always been a GREAT grandad her her. Joking aside it will be a great start to next year having my first great grandkids.

But all of this does make me feel much older than my fifty six years.

I used to joke that only the good died young. That meant I had decades left but I’m not sure at all now. Last week I spent time in hospital with an angina attack, my copd¬† is getting worse ACH listen to the auld moaner.
It’ll all be good I’m sure.


Head spinning
Arms tingling
Chest tight
Sickness coming

Head uptight
Hands shaking
Anger rising
Self esteem
At zero

Sleep none
Nightmares lots
Sweats all night
Shakes when
I wake

Breathless again
Legs trembling
Chest tightening
Sweat pouring
From every pore

If I was
A horse
They’d shoot me