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Writing is something I love. Having written for years the last few months have been hard. I’ve not written, other than on here, for months now.
Anyone that knows me, knows I over think everything. Today a lot of that thinking has been about my lack of writing.
Coming to the conclusion that what’s stopping me is me. Or should I say my inner editor. You know that voice we all have telling us ‘we’re no good’ or ‘what rubbish you write. No one would like to read that nonsense’. The problem being I’ve been listening to that voice and nothing else.
I hope now that I’ve realised whats going on I can work through it and get writing again.


Every time you watch the news. You realise that so many folk die in our world because of differences in our faith.

When you look at most faiths. They practice peace loving, good will to others and the improvement of society & mankind. How then do we get from that to killing each other.  This happens because we become obsessed with the differences in our faith. These differences are seen t cancel out all the positives and change faiths from peace loving to death creating.

Next time you consider someone else’s faith try and ignore the differences. Rather than them try and focus on SHARED BELIEVES. try and change from creating distrust and hate let’s create a society of shared believes and peace love and harmony v

The past

The past us who we are
It should never
Stop us moving on
Stop up being happy
It should allow
Us to learn positive lessons
Us improve the people we are
Often with the help of friends

Learn the lessons
Grow for the better
And  remember the good times

But never look back
With thoughts of anger
Be pleased you met
Those who taught
You the lessons 


After a long drive back from London with lots of time to think.
I remembered something I decided last year.
I’ve spent a lot of time visiting mental health professional’s. During those visits I spent a lot of time looking at the negative things in life. After one long session when I was very low and almost suicidal. When I realised that all those negative thoughts and going over them helped no one. Definitely not me.
Our pasts always effect the way we react to the present. One of the things I do is run and hide when any death effects someone I care for happens.
Not that that excuses any negative thing I’ve done.
Anyway back to the point.

What I decided was to look at the positive folk I’ve had in my life. That brought back loads of positive feelings. Making me realise that even when we lose a friend no matter who’s fault it is once the tears are over. When you remember that friendship don’t focus on the end, on the negative issues. Try remembering the positives that happened.

For me I lost a truly special friend recently and that caused pain and tears. Then I realised that person had changed me so much for the positive. By showing me how my actions hurt others. I’m sad the friendship is over and will never be back. However thanks to that awesome person I will no longer hurt anyone in the same way.

So rather than focusing on those negative things. I want to say thank you for the life lessons. Thanks for a great friendship.

Perhaps if we all did the same we would have a happier world.
So next time you have issues with someone in your life don’t focus on those negatives for to long. Just try and remember the positive things that relationship gave you both.

London marathon

Today I sat and watched parts of this awesome event.

It got me thinking. We saw so many folk running supporting charities for so many different causes. Can there be any other day in the year when so many give so much of themselves for others.

Normally news media is filled with stories of war, death and misery. Surely there must be stories of giving, humanity or inspiration, like we have today that they could print.

Why don’t they?

Because most folk thrive on negativity. Surely the media could lift the spirit of the entire world. Perhaps even encourage a more giving society by sharing these stories.

I know its a mad thought that’ll never happen because the world is full of to much apathy.

Try and do something positive to help someone!


Once you’ve share your life with an abusive person. It sets your mind to keep folk at arms length.
The theory being if they don’t get close they can’t hurt you.
Then you realise that your missing out on so much. You don’t know the feeling of friendship or love from anyone. You always believe what that abusive person said, your worthless or why would anyone want to know you?
Then you retreat further into yourself.
Never realising that the person your hurting most is no one but yourself!
So if you find someone who genuinely cares for you. Those words showing they care never stay in your mind because you don’t believe them. Not that you think the other person is lying you just think they’re being nice or polite.

So please be careful folks and try keeping an open mind or you might lose someone really special.


Comes in many forms

Almost all created by US

Our youthful actions

Come back to haunt us

Our lies,

That we all tell from time to time

Actions done to us by others

Drunken mistakes

Or just a nasty personality

We’d rather forget

No matter what

They will stay in our minds

For ever

We can regret our past

We can try to rectify things

By creating positive vibes

In our present

But we can never forget

Those shameful acts

Of our past

The hardest part

Of feeling shame

Is the knowledge

That it was our actions

That caused OUR shame

The hardest part

Is when others

Refuse to let us rectify our shameful acts

So before you do anything

Think it through

Imagine your future self

Will they be ashamed of your actions?

We all have shame maybe from

Misspent youths

Lies told, we all do it

Others we’ve hurt

Or mistakes in life that

We wish could be taken back

However SHAME

Will stay in our minds


Miss you


Miss you so much

Understand totally

We all need space for us

Remember no matter how long its been

I will always be here

Consider you my best friend

Always have you in my heart

Thoughts and prayers

Talking with you

Brings joy, peace and love

To my very soul

You understand how I think
I know how you think

We are soul mates
I will be here waiting when you need a friend

Love sent with these words

You are always my soul mate