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After a long drive back from London with lots of time to think.
I remembered something I decided last year.
I’ve spent a lot of time visiting mental health professional’s. During those visits I spent a lot of time looking at the negative things in life. After one long session when I was very low and almost suicidal. When I realised that all those negative thoughts and going over them helped no one. Definitely not me.
Our pasts always effect the way we react to the present. One of the things I do is run and hide when any death effects someone I care for happens.
Not that that excuses any negative thing I’ve done.
Anyway back to the point.

What I decided was to look at the positive folk I’ve had in my life. That brought back loads of positive feelings. Making me realise that even when we lose a friend no matter who’s fault it is once the tears are over. When you remember that friendship don’t focus on the end, on the negative issues. Try remembering the positives that happened.

For me I lost a truly special friend recently and that caused pain and tears. Then I realised that person had changed me so much for the positive. By showing me how my actions hurt others. I’m sad the friendship is over and will never be back. However thanks to that awesome person I will no longer hurt anyone in the same way.

So rather than focusing on those negative things. I want to say thank you for the life lessons. Thanks for a great friendship.

Perhaps if we all did the same we would have a happier world.
So next time you have issues with someone in your life don’t focus on those negatives for to long. Just try and remember the positive things that relationship gave you both.