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Hiroshima day

The sixth of august is Horishimo day. That is the day the Americans dropped a nuclear bomb on Horishimo.
I hope that when folk remember this, especially on this the anniversary. Rather than being filled with negative emotion from the past. We should use the day to remind our politicians, we never want a repeat of that devastating day.
We want kids not bombs!
We want a world free from nuclear weapons.
We want a positive long future.
Where war is a thing of the past.

London marathon

Today I sat and watched parts of this awesome event.

It got me thinking. We saw so many folk running supporting charities for so many different causes. Can there be any other day in the year when so many give so much of themselves for others.

Normally news media is filled with stories of war, death and misery. Surely there must be stories of giving, humanity or inspiration, like we have today that they could print.

Why don’t they?

Because most folk thrive on negativity. Surely the media could lift the spirit of the entire world. Perhaps even encourage a more giving society by sharing these stories.

I know its a mad thought that’ll never happen because the world is full of to much apathy.

Try and do something positive to help someone!

Yes to independence


If your Scottish or your just living in Scotland come  September we all need to vote YES!

It’s not about political parties or ancient hatred. It’s about a better future for all living in Scotland.

So please don’t be apathetic about this vote.

Since devolution Scottish folk have been better of than those living in England. 
No bridge tolls
No prescription charges
Much less of an impact from the bedroom tax
Stronger growth of our infrastructure

These are some reasons and if you look at the gallery attached you’ll see many others.

Stand up for better living conditions and vote YES in September!