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We do things, we’d rather not
Because they’re the right thing to do
No matter how sad they make us
Or how much we hate ourselves
For causing the pain
For hurting others
All we can do is
Do what’s right
Let the other person succeed

Knowing you’ll miss things
And you’ll never stop
Your mind going over
The past
But its wrong so the
Right thing wins

Your mind

Takes you to places you’d rather be.
Escaping all the family stress
Places that make you smile
With people that matter
Some from your past
Some from your present
Some you don’t know
Always you come back
Into reality
What a face slap
Where your miserable
Pain filled and so low

Can’t wait till
Takes me to that
Place of special folk
Real soon I hope

Kids and on

Your first, fills you
With pride and joy
No matter girl or boy
When you reach three or four
Its run of the mill

After a few years
Its grandkids
The first, you strut
With pride and joy
Better still you
Get all the good bits
Your kids cope with the stress
When you get to
Seven or eight
They’re still special
More matter of fact though

Now I’m waiting
On my first
Great grandkid
Talk about special
Been telling the world
Teasing granddaughter
I’m not old enough
Only fifty six
Still a youngster

Can’t wait till January
My first grandkid
Having a kid
I’m proud as punch
Once more
The cycle starts
I’m bursting with pride
Can’t wait for a cuddle
From great grandkid
Number one

Past thoughts

In the past
I believed I was
A bastard
Even worse
I hated me
I lied
And cheated
Hid from all
The child within

You came along
Showing you cared
Changing my ways
Then as always
I hurt you
The good
That was created
By true friendship

Now I am
In the dark
Once more
Self inflicted
But changed
Never the same
No more
To cause pain
Ever again
Other than to myself
I’m good at that

The past

The past us who we are
It should never
Stop us moving on
Stop up being happy
It should allow
Us to learn positive lessons
Us improve the people we are
Often with the help of friends

Learn the lessons
Grow for the better
And  remember the good times

But never look back
With thoughts of anger
Be pleased you met
Those who taught
You the lessons