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Hope in the dark

We wake

With hope in our hearts

We live

With hope in our minds

We look at our phones

With hope filled eyes

We eat our meals with hope in our tummy

We go to bed

With hope of a peaceful night

In our nightmares

Our hearts have hope

In hell, if we get there

There will be hope in our souls

So live life happy

With HOPE in all of what you do


Smiles and Jokes

These create much joy

They bring happiness to many folk

When you see someone

Smile or being Jokey

Look close

They could be hiding a breaking heart

I smile lots

I now and then

Tell a joke
Mostly I’m using both

To hide the way

I’m really feeling

So never judge someone

By just their actions

Those could be masking a world of hurt.



Brings darkness, to your soul

Nightmares from your past

Dreams of what could have been

Or of what might yet come to be

Most of all

It brings loneliness


Self hatred

Of what you were

What you still are

Often not the same

Makes your mind start

Going over your mistakes

Your joys, few though they are

Darkness dragging you down

Making your soul become its not

In the light of day

It makes you blind

To anything positive

To your good points

To any chance you have

Of having a solid

lasting friendship

Cause and Effect (Karma)

Has come to bite your ass

Make you realise

Other folk are better without you

All you do is cause pain

Make others hate you

Is there an end to this

I doubt it

Its been going for

over 40years

why would it stop now



Comes in all shapes and sizes.

We’ve all felt it at times

Created by us, felt by all

Our own shame is deep

Making us hide from the world

Remembering shameful instances

When our actions have hurt others

Woah that is so low, dragging us into hell

However when the shame is created for us

By others, especially family members

We have no influence on how

It was created or the effects it has

Our family can drag us below Dante’s 9 rings of the inferno

The depths of hell is no longer as low as we can go

I have 2 family members who have dragged me

Way below hell, time to shrink into the abyss

Let folk forget these males are you family

Forget you have any link with such sick b*****d’s

There is no return from these depths

Folk never forget, you will always be the

Brother of that sick pair.

No matter my actions

Those actions of family members will

For ever define me.

Forever make me into

Something I could never be

I just got to search

For an answer

For an escape from the stick

That has tarred my family

It would be better

For the WORLD

If I no longer existed!!!!!!!!!

The police come to my house
Three and a half hours
They questioned me
They now have a link
Between me and those sick
Perverted wee ********
How can I ever life that down?

Real friends

In our lifetime we have few

If we’re lucky or or two

Folk who touch or soul

Leave an imprint lasting always

If we talk daily

Or maybe once a year

No matter, if they call

Needing help or an ear

We jump and try or damndest

To be what they need

True friendship

Soul-mates if you like

Will remain in

our hearts

our thoughts

our prayers

for eterntity

Just my thoughts on REAL FRIENDS.


This is a poem I wrote about me. Following it is my daughters response to it.

I tried often, when I was younger

Overdoses there were many

Wrists slashed oh yeah

Even drowning attempted

In my eyes

I was worth nout

Of that there was no doubt

The world without me

Would be a better place to be

Late in life I realised, this was not reality

It was what others, had made me feel

I did deserve more, my religious practice showed me

I decided, no one else

My future, my fate, I decide

Using my past, to help others

Made it bearable

Giving me feelings of

Self worth and esteem

My actions decide My future

Not my past

and It’s looking up

With the mystic law

It is getting better

and Will be great

No More Suicide Attempts ever

My daughters response.

Drip, drip, drip

Watch it leave

Drip, drip, drip

A path it will weave

Drip, drip, drip

Spreading down, down more

Drip, drip, drip

Heading down to the floor

Drip, drip, drip

A dark, crimson shower

Drip, drip, drip

It’s journey soon to lose power

Drip, drip, drip

It’s worth nothing you see

Drip, drip, drip

It’s worth nothing to me

Drip, drip, drip

Drip, not another hour!

This life force you see

Spreading out on the floor

This life force you see

Heading out of the door

This life force you see

Is worth something to many

This life force you see

Is worth so much to many

This life force you see

Has cuddles to share

This life force you see

Has a duty to care

This life force you see

Has a great deal of power

This life force you see

Will grow hour by hour

This life force you see

Means everything to me!!!

I’d be very interested in folks views on these!

Anthology Launch

On Friday night my writing group launched it’s latest anthology, of poems and short stories. I have my creative writing in print for the first time. I’m so pleased with it, even if only two pieces of mine made it in.

Then today I delivered 18 framed pieces from the writing group to an exhibition in the Rothes Halls in Glenrothes. Again two of my pieces in it, different ones though.

What an awesome weekend. Made me look forward to the next time. Maybe even get my own book going.



We all can

We all should

Others need to accept it

At times it is much needed

When we do

It can be because of

A friend showing us what’s right

A brush with the law

Simple maturing does it

Meeting your chosen faith to

When we have

Others should recognise it

Let us be the new person

Don’t forget the old one existed

But let the new improved you

Show the world that your



No more terrors

Life has more than just errors

No more doubts

I am more than just shouts

No more self pity

My character is not spittly

More self worth

I am not that rough

More care of me

I am not a big B

My past mat

Give me my character

It does not

Define who I am

My future is decided

By my actions now

Not the past behind me

I am Worthy

I do have a future


Listening to the rush, relaxing it sounds

Splashes on rocks, reaching bare feet

Stretching long legs, grass underneath almost

Penetrates the body, draining stress

With dappled rays of the sun

Sleep just takes over

Darkness all round, as sleep leaves

Crusty eyes open, to peace all around

Sunshine is sleeping now

Moonlight all around

The creaking of trees, cooling from the heat

The splashes still there

Much louder they sound

Calmness they spread

Insect sound fills the air

Is it time to go back?

Nah more time to chill