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Smiles and Jokes

These create much joy

They bring happiness to many folk

When you see someone

Smile or being Jokey

Look close

They could be hiding a breaking heart

I smile lots

I now and then

Tell a joke
Mostly I’m using both

To hide the way

I’m really feeling

So never judge someone

By just their actions

Those could be masking a world of hurt.



My entire life I have written creatively. Never had I let anyone see my work after my ex told me I must be gay if I was writing poems and fictional stories.

Then I found my best friend Su and she changed the way I thought about these things and much more. Making such a difference that last month I had a couple of items published in an anthology and had several pieces hung in an exhibition in a nearby town.
Now I am going to attempt this NaNoWriMo exercise.

I have an exam tomorrow so I haven’t started the NaNoWriMo yet but starting Monday I am going to give it my best shot.

THANK YOU Su for giving me the self believe to even attempt this x


Comes in all shapes and sizes.

We’ve all felt it at times

Created by us, felt by all

Our own shame is deep

Making us hide from the world

Remembering shameful instances

When our actions have hurt others

Woah that is so low, dragging us into hell

However when the shame is created for us

By others, especially family members

We have no influence on how

It was created or the effects it has

Our family can drag us below Dante’s 9 rings of the inferno

The depths of hell is no longer as low as we can go

I have 2 family members who have dragged me

Way below hell, time to shrink into the abyss

Let folk forget these males are you family

Forget you have any link with such sick b*****d’s

There is no return from these depths

Folk never forget, you will always be the

Brother of that sick pair.

No matter my actions

Those actions of family members will

For ever define me.

Forever make me into

Something I could never be

I just got to search

For an answer

For an escape from the stick

That has tarred my family

It would be better

For the WORLD

If I no longer existed!!!!!!!!!

The police come to my house
Three and a half hours
They questioned me
They now have a link
Between me and those sick
Perverted wee ********
How can I ever life that down?

Anthology Launch

On Friday night my writing group launched it’s latest anthology, of poems and short stories. I have my creative writing in print for the first time. I’m so pleased with it, even if only two pieces of mine made it in.

Then today I delivered 18 framed pieces from the writing group to an exhibition in the Rothes Halls in Glenrothes. Again two of my pieces in it, different ones though.

What an awesome weekend. Made me look forward to the next time. Maybe even get my own book going.


I have always written without ever having the urge to be published.

Tomorrow however see’s the launch of my writing groups new anthology. Some of my work will be in there, meaning I will then be published. Then at the launch tomorrow night I am reading one of my pieces to a public audience. I’m terrified, nervous and looking forward to it. Now that I know it’s real and happening today WOAH just WOAH.

This over something I never knew I wanted!

Am I alone in feeling this?

Terror of the past

When I determined to write my story. Well not all of it just the parts that I have proof of. I knew it would be a hard struggle. I’m going to start writing it properly on Monday. Give myself the weekend to build up to it.

I know that may sound silly build up to it. However I started putting together the information I’d need to write this story and already I’m struggling mentally with all the memories and reminders of terror from my past that have taken up residence in my mind tonight.


I am going to do this!

I am worth more than my past

I will succeed with this book

I will not let all that crap

Come back into my head

And mess it up again

This time it will be done

It will be finished

Sent to a publisher by September

If it gets published or not

Doesn’t matter

I have to do this



Perhaps I sound self indulgent here but seriously folks this is driving me to the brink of doing something silly again.


Some people in life

Are there for you

No matter the time

Or day of the week

They show you

Nothing but kindness 

Empathy and trust

Shoring you up

When your mood slips

They don’t need

To be, always 

With you in body

In your mind they

Are, In your

Prayers and thoughts

You know if you 

Need them

They’ll be at

Your side in 

A tick


I’m lucky in my life

To have one like this

Who is has always

Been there for me

When I was in need

To speak to 

To listen to

To love and cherish



Thank you my friend

You know who you are

The difference you’ve made

Is beyond my greatest desire

You changed me a little

Which was much needed 

I say

You gave me the courage

To just be me

I love you

My story

For many years now I’ve had folk have told me I should write my story into a book. I’ve always said what’s the point. No one would believe it.
However I’ve made a determination to write it by September. Only using provable facts. Things about my childhood I can prove from my social services record.
Things I’ve seen and heard recently have mad me realise people need to hear stories like mine. To prevent the same mistakes being made over and over again. As they are!

My writing

Since I started reading blogs no here. I’ve read about writing styles, what words create a better reaction and so on.

It made me think why do I write?

So I write because I need to. I don’t write to get published or to have others read what I’ve written. Its because there’s a story in my head and writing it down relaxes me. I don’t think about writing style etc. Just get the story on paper is all I need or want to do.

Am I approaching writing in the wrong way?

Look forward to hearing your view.